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Key features:
  • vectorgraphical map covering the Carphatian-basin, the Carphatian mountain, Eastern side of the Alps and Northern part of the Dinaric Alps
  • hiking trail highlighting and hiking symbol rendering
  • contour lines with 10 meter contour intervals
  • hill shading (Garmin only)
  • hiking objects: water intake points, shelters, resting places, viewpoints etc
  • nature: springs, streams, rivers, valleys, cliffs, rocks, peaks...
  • high mountain terrain: marking difficult, exposed and secured high mountain paths and via ferratas
  • historical sites: castles, palaces, city walls, ruins, hillforts, tumulus etc
  • urban objects: shops, accommodations, civil institutions etc
  • public transport connections
  • marking restricted access roads
  • supports routing and navigation (Garmin only)
  • supports searching for geographical names (Garmin only)
  • regular updates